Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh no! Another Laser Blog!

I've not been to laser since early October, but many parts of my face and neck are still nearly clear. I've never felt this good about the way I look.

Still, I have decided to try something different. My current laser operator is only open Monday through Friday, and keeps very short office areas on Fridays. Because of this, I have had to take personal days to take care of my laser treatments so far, making it hard to go as often as I should.

This week, as I was contemplating calling my old laser place, my heart kept telling me I should instead check out a laser treatment spa many of my friends in Lexington were using. I couldn't shake this feeling that I needed to switch, and I put off the call for a while to think about it. When I finally did call the current place, the phone was on auto-attendant and the mail box was full. At that point, I decided I should just trust my intuition and try the other place.

I called and found they were very pleasant, and offered a variety of advantages over the operator I see now. They do Saturday appointments, are an hour closer, and cheaper as well. I'll be able to go every 6-8 week instead of once every 3 months, since I don't have to use personal days. Hopefully this will make it a little faster to get the results I need.

Still I'm nervous about switching. Its hard leaving when something was working. This will be a new operator, who will probably want to start at safe, low settings and work back up to something more effective. Also, it will be a different technology. To this point, I have been using IPL, intense pulsed light. At the new place, I'll be receiving actual laser treatments. IPL is actually very easy on the skin, and has even helped my complexion. I don't think laser has the positive skin effects, and that, I'm going to miss. I also don't know which is more effective on light skin with dark, deep rooted hair. Another concern is that I will be switching from a licensed dermatologist, to someone who's training is a lot shorter and more specific.

I'm excited, and a little nervous. I hope this continues to be effective, and that my skin handles it well. But I think I am making the right decision. The price is better, I'll have better scheduling options, and the opportunity to go much more often. Plus, its in a town where I actually know people. That is always nice. Others are getting great results, so we'll see. My fingers are crossed.


Jamiegottagun said...

Light skin/dark hair is the easiest for lasers to obliterate. Light skin/light hair, by comparison is almost impossible. Be thankful nature dealt you that card.

I've been looking into getting a TRIA. The cost savings alone would buy one a car, compared to years of laser, and you can't beat the convenience.

Jerica said...

Good luck girl. Sometimes change is good. =)

Rebecca said...

I agree with Jerica; change is a good thing! This new place sounds like it will be a lot more convenient for you, and hopefully the new laser will work even better! Let us know how it goes!

ms.shandy said...

@Jamie It is so odd that you would mention TRIA. I have been seeing it on QVC for quite some time and wondering whether its legit. Your comment caused me to finally start researching this morning. I've been trying to figure out what to do about my legs and such for weeks, and this thing could just be the answer! Its quite a lot of money, but compared to the alternatives, it is not so bad really. Giving this some very, very serious thought.

@Jerica Thankya! I think in this instance, change is for the best. The other office was nice, but this service is more inline with what I need.

@Rebecca I'll definitely let everyone know how it goes. I've heard nothing but good things about this place though. =)

Tina Jenson said...

A TRIA?? I must be living under a rock... I've never heard of it.

Well, after researching some of the reviews I must say it sounds more promising than any home system I've seen before. More cash than this chick can lay out for now though.

Good luck with the laser! If I can get away Friday, maybe I'll go with you and check them out.


ms.shandy said...

If you can make it, that would be so fun! =)