Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Laser, Of A Different Sort. (TRIA)

Recently, I posted that I'm about to try a new laser provider. Today, I am a bit nervous about yet another laser decision.

For several months, I have been seeing TRIA lasers on QVC, and wondering whether they are legitimate. I've started to research several times, but I always get sidetracked. After my last post, Jamiegottagun dropped a comment, mentioning that she was considering that as a possible laser solution at some point. Well, Jamie has always seemed to me a no nonsense kind of girl, and not the type to fall for goofy infomercials, so I decided it probably was worth looking into.

For me, this is not something I hope to be a magic bullet, to completely remove every unwanted hair on my entire body. Basically all I want is something that will permanently reduce my leg and arm hair to more tolerable levels, and clear a few other areas that are a bit problematic for me. To do that at a skin spa with commercial laser would cost thousands. So an alternative at $630 sounds intriguing.

I do think, after looking around online that this is a legitimate product. Most negative reviews seem to come from either unrealistic expectations, impatience, or those trying to use it on hair types it doesn't even claim to work on. It is FDA approved to advertise for permanent hair reduction, which is reassuring. Plus, its rare to see gimmicky, completely non-functional products in this price range. Most people trying to sell something like that, pick a much lower price point, to pull in customers, knowing that most won't bother to hassle with the return process to recoup the loss.

Sold direct through TRIA, this laser has a 1 year warranty, and a 90 day return policy. QVC sells them and has a 30 day no questions asked policy about any returns. They generally don't bother carrying non-functioanl products in this price range.

Also, there are occasional intelligent reviews, where someone bothers to state their hair type and skin tone are both in the right range, who report pretty spectacular results. Better than I need in many instances.

So, ny new hair removal strategy? Skin Solutions in LExington can do my face, and I'll try taking care of everything form the neck down myself, with TRIA. My hope is that between my hormone regimens gradual reduction and TRIA, that I can make my legs and arms more managable and eliminate most of the other hair on my body. After 8 months of TRIA, I'll switch back to epilating to yank out remaining hair, in hopes that the gradual plucking damaged, combined with hormones, will leave me with very little hair requiring electrolysis.

By the end of this year, maybe I'll be mostly hair free, and be in a good situation for switching to electrolysis for the remaining resistant facial hair and other remaining hair that is in places awkward enough to concern me.

I just put the order in today so lots of new laser things will be happening over the next couple of weeks. I feel pretty bad about the cost, but the alternative is so much more. If I can get worthwhile results out of this little device, its going to make my whole transition so much cheaper.


Rebecca said...

I'll be following your progress with the TRIA to see how it goes! Sounds like you've done your homework and feel comfortable that it will work. It would sure be a lot more convenient to do that at home as time permits instead of having to go to an office appointment. Keep us posted!


ms.shandy said...

It seems a little to good to be true, but there's only one way to know for sure. I'll probably start posting regular reviews monthly on the TRIA for the next 12 months or so. As much as I hate to, I might even do before and after leg hair macro shots. I've been pretty shameless lately about my hair problems, so a few more embarrassing photos can't hurt. LOL!

Jerica said...

Wow yes keep us updated about this as you use it. Would be interesting to know if it really works well.

Jamiegottagun said...

The review that sold me was one in gay men's magazine. The writer was sent one, tried it, and in 6 weeks noticed a lot less hair coming in on his chest and bikini area. He was impressed enough with it to buy his own, after doing the math at what laser would cost.

They can even be used on the face! Yes, the company says NO NO NO, but if you look around the web, plenty of girls are using them for that, and no has burned their face off, yet.

I'm buying mine to use on my face. Especially where my moustache is. That's my motivation. I just cant afford the ridiculous fees clinics charge rich women hitting menopause, because they can.

chrissie said...

The main reason they say not to use on the face seems to be that there is a chance of damaging one's eyes.

The simple remedy of using protective blackened goggles, over pads of cotton wool, seems to be obvious.


ms.shandy said...

@Jamie Cool! Mine just came in, and I'm pretty excited to try it. Most of the hair left on my face is pretty resistant, so I'll probably not try it there. So excited about a way to take care of the rest of the hair cheaper though.

@Chrissie I bet your right, that its about the potential eye damage being the reason it is not recommended for the face. And it probably would be good to be especially careful. LOL