Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Layout Change

There are so many serious things I would like to write about but in so many instances I'm not quite sure what I want to say. Maybe I'll get to address a few things before the weekend. As for now, I'm only here to mention the temporary layout change. I'm just tired of the colors I chose, and I can't stand that photo of me anymore! Partly it is that I'm not entirely sure I want a huge photo of me at the top of every page. But mainly it is just that I have changed so much since that time.

So for now, a nice, clean, white layout. From there, who knows.

Hopefully I'll be writing something of more substance very soon.



Poacher said...


You mean we don't get to see your great legs anymore?

Swizz.... :-)


caroline said...

This is more you though missing the picture even though it was a wee bit too big. How about a selectable slide show under this picture to the right, it is a nice size.

Caroline xxx

Anonymous T-Girl said...

If you will indulge me in an unsolicited opinion.

This is much, much better.

Attracting sketchy traffic with below-the-waist motives is easy to do, even by accident.

And it's hard to be taken seriously when we find ourselves fighting against that.

If people indicate more of an interest in your pictures rather than your words and thoughts, be wary.

How good or bad you look shouldn't matter.

Word verification: 'Go native'. How cool is that?

ms.shandy said...

@Anonymous T-Girl That is a bit of why I switched. I really don't think this site has drawn many people here for the wrong reason. At least, there have never been any communications to that extent. Still I don't won't to give anyone the wrong impression of me, or the motivation and objectives of the site. And to that end, a nice clean look has its advantages.

In the long run, I'll probably do something much more personalized than this, and I have no idea what direction that will go. In the end I do enjoy photography, so I'll very likely incorporate self portraits again. It will probably be something more artistic though.

"go native", what are the odds? :)

@caroline The picture was absolutely huge. ROFL!! The next layout will probably incorporate photos, but I expect it will be a bit more subtle.

@chrissie LOL! My legs were so pale back then. Ok, I'll admit that is still the case. Actually, another reason I just had to take it down.

ms.shandy said...

Oh, and I drew the feather.

Oh, and I'll have a decent connection at home and be able to write more often after the second.

Oh, and thats all.

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

Looks good! xxxx

Lori D said...

Simple is good. I still show photos of myself in my posts but have nearly always been reluctant to have my photo at the title. It seems you're in a nice progression in your writings and your life.

Tina Jenson said...

Nice layout honey... I likey! Wonderful art work on the graphics too. :) Now go write something. :p

Peace, <3 Tina

Leslie Ann said...

I approve.

ms.shandy said...

Glad everyone seems to be liking the layout. I guess there is something to be said for keeping it simple. :)

Jerica said...

I have to say, I love it girl!!! You inspire me to redo mine now hehehe