Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just stuff.

Healing nicely from my laser appintment last Friday. I almost look human again, and I'm hopeful that the results will be nice after shedding. Ears are doing well after the piercing, with no redness or soreness left as the third week closes.

Work is going okay. A bit nervous and insecure because I look odd after laser, but everyone has been okay with me, and the awkward phase of it is almost over!

At home, things are great. There were no fights after my Lexington trip, and though, my gender is not an open topic, we are all getting along well in every other regard. I feel a lot less stressed, as a result.

My TRIA came in last night and I did a test patch. It feels mild, but it does have that distinctive laser sensation. I have hopes that it actually lives up to its claims. I will publish a multi part video review of the unit. I'll start on the first installment soon.

Guess that is it for now!


chrissie said...

Got a link for you Tria, Shandy?

Just bought a Remingotn IPL. It will be interesting to see how it does.



ms.shandy said...

Remington tends to make really good stuff. I expect that will work out nicely. TRIA is at if you care to check it out.

Rebecca said...

I'm so happy to hear things are going well for you at home. I can imagine it's a relief not to have all that stress to deal with.

Looking forward to your video review!

Suzi said...

Just so you're a lot more than "almost" a human being dear. :)Suzi

Jamiegottagun said...

Cool, you gotta Tria before I did. (waiting for tax refund!) Thank you for being a guinea pig... look forward to reading about it!

ms.shandy said...

I'm starting Febraury first, and hopefully I'll get a chance to do a v-log review once I get my initial impressions. I did a test patch 5 days ago and its hard to tell anything about it yet. Good luck with yours when it comes in Jamie! :)