Monday, September 20, 2010

Red alert.

Well this has been coming for a long time.  I finally made the most prolific local gossip serving our little community here.  They got the first few letters of my first name wrong; probably to make sure I wouldn't have the right to look up their IP and sue.  The comment was short and to the point.  It basically says I had a sex change.  It just states it as a fact.  Not anything truly insulting.  Maybe stating that was supposed to be an insult in and of itself.  LOL!

I check the site twice a day, and oddly the post came 7 minutes before my check.  Already there was a reply though saying basically that it was true, that the person writing the reply had seen me.  Hopefully it doesn't go totally out of control from here.

This is so distracting.  I keep wanting to check back and see how long it takes for someone to say something stupid.  It's not like I can possibly defend myself.  I don't know why I bother looking.  Eventually someone will say something that will upset me, then others will pile on.  I'll have no idea who any of them are and won't be able to do anything about it.

My heart is racing.  I really shouldn't even look...


Melissa said...

When you transition, people are bound to talk. Especially in a smaller community, where everyone may not necessarily know you personally, but they usually know of you. Like you say, small town gossip. People will say what they will. Take it with a grain of salt. Once they get to know the real you, they are going t be so impressed.

Melissa XX

Violet.X8 said...

I literally just went the same thing. It's scary not knowing who is spreading all the gossip:-(

For me , leaning on my support network has been a lifesaver thru this time:-)

Keep you head up, your not alone:-)


Suzi said...

Add your own comment to theirs: "Yes, it's true. Now get over it and move on." :)Suzi

Rebecca said...

Considering some of the other scintillating topics posted on there, I'd imagine this post about you won't cause much of a stir, especially since you're pretty much out at this point anyway. I wouldn't even dignify the gossip with any sort of reply; continue to take the high road with dignity and class. Hang in there.

ms.shandy said...

Thanks everyone!

@Melissa As long as know what threatens me I'm going to try not to pay attention to it.

@Violet That is very true about a support network. A few people who understand can make you feel so much better about yourself sometimes when the rest of the world doesn't always get it. :)

@Suzi I'm spontaneous and unorthodox sometimes when it comes to managing my transition, but introducing myself to my community via gossip site seems a bit bold. LOL!

ms.shandy said...

@Rebecca That's really what I have in mind. Hopefully Iitwill just die down. It's moving very slowly . :)

Dani said...

This was sure to happen sooner or later, it's kind of a suprise that it's taken this long! This may actually not be so bad and could eventually be a bit of a relief now that it's ovt there. Chances are pretty good that it'll be the hot topic for a while but then people will move on to Mrs. Jones extramarital affair or whatever the next juicy bit of gossip may be. Small town gossip tends to have a short half life and people bore easily. I'd agree with what others have said, ignore it as best as you can. After all, it's your life and it's not really any of their business!

Tina said...

Hey, at least you didn't make the "Skankiest Hoes in Town" thread. LOL

You know how I feel about gossip. Try to overlook it, I know it's very difficult but it'll drive you nuts if you dwell on it. I totally know all about it.

Peace, <3 Tina

Caroline said...

Told you that you did not look much like a guy. Take it as a complement and confirmation and carry on regardless.

In the end they may have done you a favour and broken the ice for you.

Caroline xxx

Two Auntees said...

A we all know it doesn't take long for someone to say something stupid, only because that's the way they think.

I wouldn't acknowledge the comment just let it hang and take the high road, and the gossip will move on. All they want to do create controversy.

You should read some of the comments about the video the local CBS station did about our Pride Festival down in South Georgia. You can see the link at our blog;

Jerica Truax said...

That has to be quite unnerving girl. *hugs*. at least they didn't say anything FALSE yet......although sex change is false in a way....wording can be like that.

ms.shandy said...

@Jerica Yeh, they are behind on their terminology and ahead on my transition timeline. The latter I'll take as flattering. If they think I'm already finished that's great. :P

@Sarah I read through the comments. Its sad how ignorant people are. "The Original Bob"... I think he has relatives here. LOL!

@Caroline I don't know really what to think about it. So far there have been very few comments on it, and less yet that is serious.

@Dani Seems it is already slowing down and I've got a clearer perspective now, thanks to all the kind comments and nice chats with Rebecca and Tina today. You're right, its going to pass. And it doesn't effect my plan or timelines at all. =)

@Tina Thanks again for the chat this evening. And I'm going to make the skankiest ho' thread yet! My star is rising and I'm going to be a gossip site celeb no matter what it takes! :S