Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now I Know

I've always wondered when I would end up on the gossip sites and dreaded the possible backlash.  Monday night the first question was finally answered, and  I have waited nervously since, wondering what would happen once the conversation was open.

I've been checking this site for months now  looking for my name.  During all that reading I found some pretty disturbing threads which made me worry more about how harshly I would get treated.  Due to that worry I've been watching very closely since Monday.

SO far there are only 18 posts.  Two or three adolescent jokes, with no real malice.  A few corrections to my name.  One person who implied I should do what I want, but somewhere else.   The rest of the replies are all defending and supporting me and my family.  It is listed as the second hottest discussion despite the low number of posts.  I'm assuming that means it is getting read pretty often.  There have been no further comments in the last 7 hours though, so it looks like people are content to let this go.

People are still treating me basically the same at work and in town.  Yet again it seems I've underestimated my community.  


Rebecca said...

I'm so happy that your community has been supportive of you and your right to live your life in peace. I think that says a lot about how well liked and respected you are. And I think that you also underestimate yourself. Those of us who are blessed to know you and be your friend can see what a special person you are, and hopefully some day you'll see that in yourself. But in the mean time, we'll be here to keep reminding you! You rock girl!

Melissa said...

Well Shannon, that's a big 15-3 in your favor! I'd say that's pretty darned good support! If I were in your shoes, I'd be on cloud 9! Take it, and run with it girl! You're golden!

Melissa XX

Stace said...

I'm with Melissa!

You've got to love the NIMBY's haven't you? 'Do what you want, just don't do it near me...' If not there then where?


Tina said...

Ha, just checked tonight and #19, another supportive note from an old classmate! Like we said, the idiots don't deserve notice, but Wow, you have a ton of supportive folks down there and many are defending you honey. Schweet!!!! Rock On Sister!

Peace, T

Dani said...

This is awesome, girl! They all seem to be taking it even better than I would've thought! You and your family are clearly well thought of and even the NIMBY's don't seem to have any real ill will towards you. A uery exciting developement, you really are on your way!

Two Auntees said...

You have to take the negative comments with a grain of salt.

I happened to be interview by the local TV CBS station and there are 27 comments, 47 like comments, 15 supporting what we were doing, 12 condemning ones. It seems that of the 27 comments made 12 referred to bible scripture. One comment spelled by last name wrong as if she was still in grade school and doing so would hurt me.

Even with my face on the news station for 15 sec, people can't connect that face with me as I go about my daily routine.

Leslie Ann said...

I wonder if this is a top-ranked topic because YOU keep checking back on the thread. Your visits count too, girl. And you've got Tina visiting too! You are the traffic, babe.

Now, quit worrying 'bout other people and start living...

GirlWhoShould (Lucy) said...

Happy that its generally supportive. Your ears must be burning though. :-)
I'd be tempted just to post a short hello say yes its true, thank the supporters and leave it at that.