Friday, August 07, 2009

The Week, at a Glance.

It has been a very interesting week for me, with emotional and social challenges. With laser and physicals over as of last Friday, and nothing left to do for the next two weeks except work and carry on with my home life, it seems this should have been a good chance to rest. It was not that simple though.

First there was the matter of laser recovery. I tend to look very suspicious for the first 5 days after laser, as I have mentioned before. The hair gets charred from medium brown, to solid black. The black hair makes the shadowing look worse rather than better initially, which makes the odd gaps in my facial hair, and strange shape of the remaining beard stand out in stark contrast against. Even worse, my skin tends to get irritated, and even peels in sections. The fried hair becomes too stiff to shave, while my skin gets to sensitive to tolerate a blade.

So only 3 days after laser, I reported back to work. And then two days after that, the students returned. The adults were all very professional with me, and my work environment is mostly pretty comfortable. But the kids! The first day they came was pretty rough, with lots of laughing, snickering and stares. I haven't had to deal with that since May, and my emotional ressistance is not what it once was. Initially I was haivng a hard time with it, being nervous every time I had to go to a classroom to work. But there was too much work for me to waste time hiding in my office, so I got out, stood tall and did my level best to stay professional.

By Friday, I was getting fewer stares. It is probably due to a combination of kids getting bored with the situation, and the quick recovery of my face. The hair seems set to shed thoroughly over the course of the next week.

Other than the kids though, its been a great five days. Busy, but in a good way, with everyone coming together to make things run. I feel productive, human, and dare I say, a little talented, maybe? :P

At home things were mostly good, except Thursday Dad called me home to help pour 90 feet of concrete. It was extremely hot, and the cement truck driver was there the whole time, so I ha to do all the work in two layers of shirts. I was hot, and the sweat on my face was further irritating my skin. The concrete was too hard for me to work, and my side of the drive looked terrible, leaving me feeling both guilty and insufficient. One thumb is blistered so badly it still hurts to bend it today.

I think Dad could tell after we started, how awkward it was going to be for me. I think in the end, he was feeling guilty for asking me to come, and I was feeling guilty about the results. I almost cried twice, looking at the messed up places in the concrete. Dad has thanked me many times since for coming though. And I would do it again. Its so nice of them to let me stay and I'll always do everything I can for them.


Amy K. said...

I remember that problem with laser treatments! I would feel pretty damn dysphoric for a few days until the charred hairs fell out. It'll get better, just hang in there. :)

ms.shandy said...

Thanks Amy. :)

It does get a lot better all around as there is a little less hair to contend with after each treatment.

Anonymous said...

Years ago Art Linkletter had a segment on his show called "Kids say the darndest things." It was hilarious to hear how the young children answered his adult questions. Too bad that innocence does not carry over past puberty. Kids become so self-conscious, often times their self-image is close to zero. The unfortunate result is that they then resort to cruelty and peer pressure. I hope you can weather this has to be very nerve-racking. Sometimes I think they do it as a method of survival in an increasingly uncivil school atmosphere. But, then again, I know it was common when I was a teen too...and that wasn't yesterday, I like half a century...yikes, I can't believe I said that.

I've poured concrete hundreds of times over my carpentry career. I hate it with a passion...especially in the summer when it sets up much faster and you have to work that much breaks or anything. You say you poured 90 feet...was that a driveway that's 90 feet long?...and how wide? Hell girl!, I'd be crying too if there was just me and one other person. That's extrememly hard work even for an old goat like me that has done it many times. You should not feel guilty at all. Your dad bit off more than he could chew is all. I take it he doesn't pour concrete every day I bet you're sore all over by now...sheesh.

I'm glad the hair is almost gone. I wish I could get rid of mine. :)Suzi

ms.shandy said...

So true about kids Suzi. Working in education, you develop some level of immunity. But when you are the only one recieving thatkind of treatment, you realize you are standing out a lot, and that what they are rudely expressing, many adults are probably quietly thinking. In my situation it makes you think of things like, job security. LOL!

Plus, I'll admit that even though its form children, it does touch the self esteem in a subtle way.

As for the concrete, my Dad has always been one to push the limit. He figures out exactly how much he and those around him can do, then pushes everything just a little bit farther. Whether its hiking, biking, building, or anything else, thats just the way he rolls.

Anonymous said...

Next time he does something like that I'd tell him to get more help or he can really push the limits by doing it :)Suzi

ms.shandy said...

ROFL!! Yes!

He's actually got one more pour almost that length left to get to the road. And I think he intends to ask a few more relatives over to help.

I don't mean to make him sound inconsiderate. After we started working on it, he could see it was going to be hard. And he did thank me several times, and seems genuinely grateful that I tried so hard.

Oh, and before we started he did cut the board he was using to smooth it on the first pass so that it was barely long enough to reach, to make it a little lighter for me. I think that was thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

One last suggestion...tell him your concrete expert girlfriend said wait till the weather is very cool. The concrete will take a lot longer to set up and you have more time to rest and more time to work it. Good luck...:)Suzi

P.S. Don't call me to help.

ms.shandy said...

Yes! Come help! its going to be great fun. Its only 70 feet or so this time. :P