Sunday, August 09, 2009

Insomniac Quandary

A series of seven cinquain, written by me earlier this morning, for no particular reason at all. Ha!

*~*~*~*~Insomniac Quandary~*~*~*~*

How strange,
how sudden quick,
a frozen heart can melt
in heat of words from silver tongue.
How cruel.

Must I
wait and ponder
upon your true intent?
Is this for you a game of words,
or real?

If "real"
is your riposte,
query I surely must,
what you would hope to glean from me
dear prince?

For you,
am I to be
a weekend trip to quench
a fascination you hold for
my kind?

I yearn
for your embrace,
but my needs run deeper.
I hope we have a chance to find
much more.

Your words
honeyed so sweet,
mask the taste of your wish.
Asked, would you tell me, are you as
you seem?

To ask
I will dare not.
I will invite you in.
We will discover each other
in time.


ms.shandy said...

And no, this is not about you, whoever you are! :P

Anonymous T-Girl said...

Be very, very careful. You're doing something that is part of a typical self-discovery phase.

And it's a phase that has burned a lot of T very, very badly when they weren't aware.

Be aware, and be careful.