Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Very Interesting

I came out to another co-worker!  She already knew generally what was happening and I think I learned more from her than she did from me.  For instance, lots of the men at work are extremely uncomfortable about this and speculate quite a bit.  My boss told her that implying that what I am doing is okay is saying that God makes mistakes. Her boss actually asked her to snoop around and find out for him a while back, whether I am transexual.  None of that surprises me, but a little more affirmation always paints a clearer picture.

Not everything I found out was bad though.  She said it's mainly men that have a problem with me.  I told her I was going full time by the end of the year, and she told me I already am full time, and that I make a lot better looking girl than guy.  She figured I was probably getting a lot of flak over everything and had noticed that there is pepper spray on my keychain.  Said she had mentioned the pepper spray to another co-worker, who said that I was to sweet to be bothered and that if anyone was harassing me she would beat them up! :)

She told me a really funny story too.  While I was at central office earlier in the week, a guy I didn't know walked in and joined the conversation at the front desk.  Apparently he ended up asking about "that girl here earlier, with the curly hair."  

I was called Miss Shannon again today, this time by a substitute teacher while working in a classroom.  

I'm so happy with the way things are going!  I'm going full time soon.  :)


Leslie Ann said...

Wow, sister, you learned a lot! I have to agree that you are already full-time. It's just that sometimes you are dressing in boyfriend chic.

I wish being sweet was enough to keep bad people away. Pepper spray is a very good idea.

Rock on, Lil Shan!

Amy K. said...

Wow wow wow, I'm so excited for you!

You know, I've heard the "God doesn't make mistakes" line so many times. My answer? Who says it's a mistake? You may very well be meant to undertake this journey, to learn from it and help others. Is a blind or deaf person a mistake of God? Of course not, they're all saying he doesn't make mistakes. Thus it is God's will that someone is born blind, deaf, mentally handicapped, etc. Can you tell I hate double standards? Ha ha!

Pepper spray. Good call there! I'm glad you have some defense, in case of anything. I hope you never have to use it, but it's there if you do.

And yes, men always feel more uncomfortable with a MTF in transition, or even after transition. And what have I also found... the prettier the transwoman, the more freaked out they are. No wonder, they look at you and they must be fit to be tied. "Wow, she sure is pretty. No no no, she has a thingie down there! Oooh, but look at those legs. D'oh!!!"

Hee hee. Poor things. ;)

Teagan said...

My thoughts line up with your co-worker and Leslie Ann... it pretty much sounds like you *are* full time. What are you waiting for? I did it a year ahead of my schedule, and it was so so the right decision.

Keep rocking, girl!!! :)

Caroline said...

Atheist myself but we all have our own way in the world.

If god does not make mistakes then surely they should find it within themselves to understand and accept if they are true believers!

Get your allies to spread this message.

Caroline xxx

Two Auntees said...

It's good to have people to confide your thoughts and feelings to, and is a good friend to speak freely. Glad to hear that some of the 'gossip' was good.

You are way ahead of a lot of people, even some GG's.


Tina said...

Glad to hear everything is rolling along well, hon. And, yes it is good to get feedback from the inside.

I'm sure God is thrilled that he has such a qualified spokesperson on his behalf. He must be an amazing person indeed. (insert sarcasm) Most people who are uncomfortable with you, are probably uncomfortable with a lot of other things around them as well.

Keep the're doing great!

Peace, Tina

Lori D said...

I'm glad you're going full time soon. My fear is that any further delay could only cause further speculation and cause more people's internal phobias to grow. There's no doubt in my mind you're already perceived and seen as a woman, and this confusion with the many who find out isn't allowed to be put to rest. I hope fears will ease once you do go full time and put those rumors to rest once and for al! You go girl!

Jerica Truax said...

yay girl! I can't wait for you either! hehe.

As for the 'men' that have a problem...I just hope they handle things properly.

I know there are guys at my work that are not too thrilled about my change but they call me by name and as far as I know use the right pronouns.

Anonymous said...

You really need to give up this bad habit of a man of course. :)Suzi

Dani said...

I have to agree, you've pretty much been full time for the last couple of months! I'm so happy for you!

I think that guys have more trouble because of their own fears and insecurities that revolve around all kinds of macho crap!

Dani xxx

Melissa said...

Shannon, the cat's out of the bag. There's just no use in pretending to be a man anymore.

Sounds like you have the girls on your side, and that's wonderful! They guys are freaking out, because they can't handle the fact, that they are finding someone so attractive, who they once knew as a male.

Good for you, sweetie!

Melissa XX