Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Boy 1:  Is that a girl?
Boy 2:  No, thats  a boy!
Boy 1:  Girl!
Boy 3:  Its a boy...A man!
Boy 1: Hey!  Are you a girl?

This exchange took place between three young 8-12 year old looking boys in the hall at work.   They had come with their parents now that school was out it seems, and none of them had seen me before.  At the time I had my hair pulled back in a tight low pony tail, and was dressed in my loose, crumpled male slacker garb.  

By the time the direct question came up, I was far enough down the hall to pretend I had not heard, or  had assumed they were talking to someone closer.

On another note, a friend has invited me out for lunch some time this week.  We used to work in the same building 3 years ago, but now our paths rarely cross at work.  The invite came while I was back at central office Monday.  Maybe its just meant to be a chance to catch up, but something tells me she's got questions.  If she asks, I'll probably answer honestly.  I'm just so ready to be out, and this could be the chance.

Looking back over the last few years, I never really had a plan at work, but the way things have happened, I've accidentally slowly tempered people and I don't think many would be surprised now.  Having people know before an official announcement would just relieve tension at this point.


Suzi said...

GIRL!!! :)Suzi

Leslie Ann said...

Just be careful how you say it, girl. You want to be employed, as your immediate future holds a few large expenses. ;)

ms.shandy said...

@Suzi, Hmm , you just tied the vote two to two. LOL!

@Leslie I'm nothing if not diplomatic. LOL! Seriously though I can't think of many ways to say it. There are things that could probably be omitted, like my intent to transition in place within the year. I guess I'll have to see how the conversation goes. :P

Jerica Truax said...

LOL I vote the same as Suzi.

GIRL! hehehehe

Tina said...

Well, a girl wearing boy's clothes tends to throw people off ya know. :P

I don't even know if your work has an HR Dept. Most girls I've chatted with seem to think talking with the HR first, and letting them work with you through work place transition, is the best way to go.

Good luck Sis,
Peace, <3 Tina

ms.shandy said...

Aw, thanks Jerica, for your deciding vote. LOL!

Tina, there's no HR department. I have no idea where to go first at work. Right now it feels pretty risky coming out still, but I'm a little more confident all the time.

Thanks ladies! :)

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