Friday, May 07, 2010

Go Super Saver!

Ater a hectic work week, I finally get to start the current relaxed weekend by writing up last weekend, which was anything but relaxed.  Friday I was scheduled for laser in Lexington.  Saturday I was scheduled for my first counseling session since June, in Louisville.  While I was in Lexington I wanted to visit Lisa, and while I was in Louisville I wanted a chance to visit Debbie.   Also Saturday was of course derby day, as well as Transkentucky day. It didn't sound like a crazy schedule to me  as I thought it out all week, but it did turn out to be very rushed sometimes - but in a fun way!

Friday, I decided to take a personal day since my laser appointment 2 hours away was scheduled a little earlier in the day than I usually do it.  This made for a carefree morning of picking the right clothes, taking care of my hair, and packing all the cosmetics I haven't used in an age.

 I've been running around in a very androgynous state since January first.  All my time away has been based around laser appointments.  Makeup before the appointments was pointless, and after the damaged hair was impossible to hide.  So really I've not been pleased with my appreance for a single day in 2010 up until last weekend.  I thought I was fine with it, but I started to realized over the last few weeks that my self esteem is eroding a bit, being forced to present male for so long.

Last weekend though was my comeback.  There was so little hair left that I decided I could probably cover it even after laser, and it was derby weekend, which is Kentucky's ultimate excuse for fun clothes! While packing I came to the conclusion that the hair was reduced far enough that I could present correctly at laser.  Since it would be the first time they would see me presenting as my true gender, I decided to dress to be taken seriously.  Black slacks and a fitted vest with a ruched silk top in a cream color.

When I got to Lexington I was able to visit Lisa briefly, then I went for the appointment.  I was a little nervous walking in, but they were very welcoming and the whole visit was very comfortable and friendly.  I got compliments on my clothes.   They were really pleased with the laser results so far.  They even asked before beginning the treatment whether I was wearing makeup. :P

Saturday morning my face wasn't irritated at all and the remaining hair didn't look to hard to cover.  I tried a thin layer of ivory concealer over my chin and upper lip, and then brushed outward. Instead of a hard border for the concealer this left a gradual change in tone between the natural skin tone and the concealer.  Next I used a light liquid foundation and then a thin layer of mineral powder.  With a little color over this I was very satisfied.  It was the easiest and most natural makeup job I have ever done, even though it was just one day after laser!

Despite the cold and damp day I decided I'd still dress nice for derby.  I settled on a strapless floral in black and blue with pearl jewelry.  For the first time in several months I felt pretty and fully confident in my appearance.

Counseling went great.  We mainly just caught up on happenings.  Also she issued me a carry letter and we talked about my plans to go full time without moving first.  For the first time, she seemed very supportive of this plan.  The next time we meet, we are going to begin talking through actual time lines.

The session was really enjoyable, and though it was scheduled to be an hour we talked almost two.  Near the end we got off topic and were talking about pretty much random things.  In a story from way back I mentioned that I "was a very strange looking creature at the time."   To which she replied "You are anything but strange looking now.  You're a beautiful young woman."   She said it with such sincerity, and though she has given me mild reassurance before, she had never given me a compliment like that.  I left feeling great!

After therapy I went to Debbie's.  She fixed a delicious lunch of stir fry shrimp and steak.  Then we went to PF Chang's to have cocktails and watch the race.  It was great fun and Debbie's bet on Super Saver turned out to be an excellent choice.

We dropped by Sally's Beauty supply after to look for some nail products someone had recommended to Debbie.  Then we chatted and worked on our nails back at Debbie's.  We topped off the evening with a late dinner at the Bristol on Bard's Town road.  On derby day Louisville is busy well in to the night, and Bard's Town Road is a pretty popular place.  We took a table at the window and watched the well dressed derby goer's pass as we chatted and enjoyed the food.

Sunday I made it home late and tired after visiting with Lisa and Tina.  I feel so happy right now.  Transition is progressing well and I'm so sure this is going to be the year I  get to let go of my secret completely and finally live true to myself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog. You have made me smile. :-)
I think we are at a similar stage right now and I relate to a lot you say.
I have to say the outfits you describe sound gorgous, and Derby day sounds like a blast!

ms.shandy said...

Hi Lisa! It was great. As I said in the blog, the schedule I keep hasn't given me a lot of opportunity to dress nice lately. I've always said that I'm not about the clothes and that its just about being me. But I do feel so much more confident and so much happier when I actually get a chance to dress nicely, as opposed to the oversized slacker male garb my situation requires for now.

Really regretting the way I have written this entry. I took on to much and got bogged down in the chronology of what I wore and what I ate, and it got oversized quickly even though I never got into all the emotionally significant things that happened.

Its actually a much nicer weekend than it sounds. Maybe at this point I'll step back and analyze some details, now that the boring stuff is out of the way. :P

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you had a chance to get out and enjoy yourself.

And why wouldn't your therapist sound sincere in her compliment of you? You are a beautiful young woman!

Melissa XX

Calie said...

You're a beautiful young woman.

Now, that comment must have made your day, Shandy!

Calie xxx

Jerica Truax said...

Awww I'm glad you had such a good day girl. =)