Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frivolous Photo Update

(Photo with the green shirt was taken at work last week.  The rest are me trying on my new Hard Rock Cafe tee today.  I saw it when I ate at Hard Rock Cafe last weekend, resisted buying it there, then came back and ordered it online.  I think its my favorite tee!  No makeup in any of these.  Just hope none of the hair comes back. :P )

I'm just feeling great about my transition progress today and thought I'd put up some updated photos.  Right now it just feels like everything is coming together more and more.

I have one more pre-paid laser session left, and I'm so pleased with the results of the last appointment.  Two days without a shave yields visible hair, but none growing close enough together to shadow.  Immediately after a shave, its pretty hard to tell there is hair at all.

My face is looking altogether softer and smoother too.  Recently I picked up my Mary Kay skin regimen again.  There were a few bumps as I adjusted to using retanol but now that my skin has adjusted, my skin is looking much nicer on this regimen than the gentler routine I was using back when laser was harder on me.  I've even picked up microderm abrasion again.  So thrilled!

Body-wise, I'm thrilled with the way things are going.  I've lost a lot of strength and tone over the last year, but my measurements have kept improving and I'm really happy with most of my body right now.  Just feeling softer, more feminine and more me.

It all feels so natural and healthy.  Its hard to explain. Its just, my body feels like it is now doing what it should have been all along, and the feeling that comes with that is just....  I don't know! :P  Content? Relaxed? Serendipity?  I'm happy at any rate. :)

I've changed up my work look a bit more.  I've stopped flat ironing out all the volume and am really enjoying working with a blow dryer and round brush to get lots of body and curl.  Its getting some looks.  Some people are cool with it and have even complimented it. Others seemed a bit put off at first, but adjusted, at least externally.  I'm growing my nails out now and wearing polish as well, though all the physical labor lately ensures lots of chips and scrapes.

So far the nails have been complimented at work once, and the hair has gotten positive comments from several people including students.  Two people have actually referred to it as "so pretty".  I'm just appreciating the tolerance level here so much!


Melissa said...

You look wonderful, Shandy! What a beautiful change you've gone through! I'm not at all surprised that you are getting compliments, you certainly deserve them!:-)

Melissa XX

Lori D said...

Learning to work with the blow dryer for curls and body takes some time, but I'm loving doing it too. I'm using the flat iron much less now, and my hair seems to be slowly recovering from all that damage.

You're looking simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow you are looking really great!
Glad the laser is going well for you.

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful. :)Suzi

Stace said...

As everbody has said you look great.


ms.shandy said...

Thanks everyone! I think I'm just a few months away from finding the confidence to go full time. Hopefully! :)

Jerica Truax said...

Wow girl! You look completely amazing and gorgeous! I hope things continue to go well for you! *hugs*

Calie said...

A lucky girl, you are, Shandy! You look lovely! Love the tee!

Calie xx

Leslie Ann said...

Your favorite tee looks even better in person! Your curves are developing curves, methinks.

Honestly, the changes I've seen continue to astound and fascinate me. Lookin' good, babe!