Monday, April 05, 2010


Well, here we are, its that time again. Today is 10 days after laser and I expect major shedding to start tomorrow!  While I was sitting around plucking at the remaining hair, trying to decide what was going to shed, and what I was stuck with another 5 weeks.  There is some coming back in that I thought until now I was permanently rid of. And it doesn't look like problem areas are going to get a full shed this time.  I am very happy with my overall progress, but on facial hair, I'm a bit concerned.  I think its time to start giving electrolysis a very, very serious look.

I have two more appointments left facially, and then I might do a few more laser appointments for other areas I can't handily reach with a TRIA home laser.  But on my face, it will be electrolysis from there in, unless something really impressive suddenly starts happening with laser.

Still, what laser has been able to get, it has handled efficiently.  THe way I used to be, it would have taken years and years of electrolysis. There was just too much hair.  Now, its down to amounts an electrologist can manage.  Assuming of course, that it doesn't all come back.  That's a scary possibility too.

Guess we'll see!


Leslie Ann said...

Hey, girl, how is that TRIA working? Worth the expense? MtF's everywhere want to know! If I can sneak an epilator into the house, maybe a laser is the next crime against matrimony.

Looking great, as always!

caroline said...

Shannon, why is there a picture of your younger sister on the top of this post?

Caroline XXX

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

And you're still delaying going "full time"?
I remember lasering maybe 75% of black hair before FT, just couldn't wait.
Plenty of women have an unpleasant battle with electro for a few years.
And yes, you *are* looking good! xx

Anonymous said...

You look great.
I had 8 sessions of laser and was pleased with the result.
However I have now had 45 hours of electrolysis over the last 15 months and now I am down to 20 minutes a month just to get the odd few out.
I havent shaved at all in over 3 months.
My electrolygist said that without the laser I could have expected maybe 150 hours of electro so it has massively reduced the amount I needed. I should be all done well before 50 hours is up.
To be fair a lot of the early hours were consumed with taking out the grey and white hairs that the laser will never touch, but there are still a few dark ones.
If you can handle the pain of laser you should be fine with electrolysis.
The only problem is the seesions in the early days are longer.

bree said...

One thing to consider, is to not pluck the hairs as it takes 6 to 8 weeks for that hair to grow back, and if it isn't there when you get zapped, then it gets to stay for another day. This was the hardest thing for me to realize, until my laser tech explained it, she was like "keep plucking and keep coming." I did stop and would use a credit card to scrape at my face, in the direction the hair grows. Those that will come out, come out, those that don't have to be shaved off. I so truly hated shaving my face...too manly for me, but in the end it helped. Good luck.


ms.shandy said...

@Leslie THanks! I'm not really fond of this photo. I look so worn out. On the TRIA, its really early to say. I'll probably be writing about that in about a month and a half. :)

@Caroline I think I just look younger because the camera over exposed my skin and washed out all detail. LOL! Thanks though so much! :)

@Nicki Yes, still holding out for a little more laser and maybe a few more things before I come out on this job. I'm starting to get a plan together, sort of. I'm ready to be myself though, and starting to get a little impatient. I just want to be officially out so bad.

@lisalisa I'm glad laser went well for you, and that electro is going smoothly now. I can hardly wait to start! =)

@bree I don't really pluck a lot. Just usually after day 5, I start pulling out 4 or 5 a day to see how much progress I'm making in shedding. I just pull lightly and if there's any resistance I leave it for the electric razor. It probably is a bad practice, but sometimes I get curious about whether certain areas are going to shed and can't resist pulling a couple to test. I'm trying to cut back though. LOL!