Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Weekend Getaway

For the first time in five weeks, I got a chance to visit my friends in Lexington last weekend.

Friday afternoon, I had my second laser appointment at the new laser place.  I had a different laser operator, but she was very nice and quite thorough.  I have always had my appointments 2 to 3 months apart, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much less painful it is to come in more frequently, as less hair has returned.  I think at this point I have quite a bit of permanent hair reduction too.

The down side to starting the weekend with laser though, is that because of my sensitive skin I am afraid to follow that up with makeup.  This time so little hair remains that I could have covered it with makeup, if I weren't worried about break outs though.  I ended up spending the weekend in boy mode, but it really wasn't such a bad thing.  The clothes have never been important to me.  I o have a touch of fashionista spirit, but really for me, the important thing has always been having my gender recognized and being able to be myself.

Despite my running around dressed completely in Men's attire, around my friend's I felt confident and was free to be myself. Not once did anyone call me a he.   They know who I am and ugly clothes or visible laser scorched facial hair doesn't change that.   That understanding means so very much to me. =)

Of course out and about, it can be a little awkward.  Two weeks after my previous laser session, I had an experience at a restaurant that demonstrated that people are starting to recognize me as a woman even in guy mode.  But very shortly after that, more hair came in on the upper lip,  and charring it with lasers Friday left that hair much more visible.   I looked masculine again, and though my friends can see past it,  the rest of the world doesn't quite know what to make of me.

Saturday we were out for a bit.  I went by Sally's beauty supply with Tina and Lisa. That was actually pretty comfortable. Everyone was so nice! I was mainly looking for a leave in oil treatment and they pointed me to some Moroccan oil that is apparently all the rage right now, but they only had it in sample sizes.  After looking around, I found something that seemed very similar to the Healthy Sexy Hair soy treatment I usually use.  While I was looking another employee came by and mentioned to another girl that the stuff I was holding was the best they had besides the Morroccan.  Its a generic soy/wheat protein oil, and much cheaper than what I used to use so I took it.   Turns out its a little heavier than the previous stuff I used, but it fights dryness just as well and leaves my hair soft, smooth and shiny after heat treatment, so I'm very pleased.

I also dropped by TJ Maxx to look for more earrings.  I think being out as a guy was more frustrating at this stop than anywhere else that weekend.  It really hurts my pride when I have to shop presenting male.  The whole experience was so uncomfortable that I ended up taking the very first pair of CZ studs I asked for out of the case.  I just kept thinking about how silly I must look to this clerk, looking around at all these earrings.  The ones I actually asked to see were pretty androgynous, but I was still so uncomfortable that I started blushing.   Awkward!

Don't think they quite knew what to think of me at Quizno's either.  The staff seemed a bit curt and I decided it was probably about my odd appearance.   .

Saturday night, I changed the earrings out with little trouble.  Seems my ears are mostly healed, which is so nice!  Lisa invited Keith over.  He is the husband of the local trans support group's president, and also a hair drresser.  We played a bunch of Scategories and Family Feud DVD edition.  Keith offered to cut my hair the next day and I took him up on the offer.

I really love the cut!  Very subtly layered, and a little shorter.   As for the styling, Keith really pumped up the volume!  He did such a great job.  I left looking so silly.  Men's clothes,  visible facial hair, and this lovely, dramatic Ms. America hair.   I wished so much the rest of my appearance could have matched the hair that day.

Sunday night I said my goodbyes.  It was just great having some time with my friends and I left feeling completely recharged.  Its been an awkward week recovering from laser, but everything should be okay by Friday.  =)


caroline said...

The inbetween life certainly has it's challenges but a hair free face is so priceless the bad times will all be worth it.

Caroline xxx

Melissa said...

Shandy sweetie, you are so adorable! I just love reading your blog and seeing how you have blossomed. :-)

Melissa XX

Leslie Ann said...

My best guess about curt treatment at Quizno's is that the employees are upset that they are working at Quizno's. It's hard to hide one's true feelings.

I can hardly wait to see what Keith did with your hair!

Tina said...

Glad you had a good time honey. I gotta agree with Leslie about Quizno's. Prolly more bummed out about working than who actually comes in, besides I'm sure they've seen all kinds of folks. You looked like a typical girl wearing boyish clothes to me. :) I didn't pick up any personal negative vibes. But then I tend to ignore people too. :p

You really rocked the diamonds and new do. Love that look for you.

Peace, <3 Tina

ms.shandy said...

@Caroline Living in between can be rough sometimes but its working out. Getting a little easier all the time. And you are right, laser is so worth it! =)

@Melissa I'm glad you enjoy reading here. Kinda feel I've been a bit repetitive lately, but I'll try to do better. LOL!

@Leslie You're probably right about Quizno's. It probably is hard to find a smile when you are spending your Saturday night making sub sandwiches.

I really am loving the hair. Its such a neat cut. =)

ms.shandy said...

@Tina Thanks hon, you must have been writing at the same time as me. Wish I had some Coronas! :P

Jerica Truax said...

Where's the hair pics girly!!!?


ms.shandy said...

Hair photos will have to wait til my face recovers from laser a bit more. LOL!