Thursday, December 24, 2009

What's In a Dream?

Warming, mildly slutty content. LOL!

Last night I had the strangest dream.

My job sent me to the state capitol for some reason, and I was carrying a camera in secure areas. Two handsome security guards in black suits took me in for questioning. After I broke down crying and explained it was all a big misunderstanding, they realized I was harmless and began to comfort me and apologized for the inhospitable treatment.

At that point, we all began to chat, and one of the guys turned out to be the head of security for the state. He was tall, and elegant, with lovely dark eyes and black hair. In interrogation, he had been very intimidating, but afterward, that hard dangerous edge was gone, and he smiled easily. The effect was quite charming.

The conversation eventually became cleverly and subtly flirty, and I found myself holding up my end of the dialog comfortably. I was in my element, his attraction feeding my confidence. My attraction feeding my desire. Slowly the conversation wound its way to an invite to his lavish home.

As I toured the lovely manner we happened past a palatial bath, with an enormous recessed marble tub complete with stares and lovely statuary. I complemented the room, and he gave the taps a twist. As the bathbegan to fill with steaming water his intent was obvious.

I stepped close, pressing my body against his muscular chest. I looked up into his eyes (he must have been ridiculously tall) and began loosening his tie. The feel of his hands gently sliding into the small of my back was perfect; exactly the touch I had been needing for such a long time. I craned my neck upward for a kiss, and then....


I woke up.



caroline said...

I have waited over half a century for even half an interesting dream! Don't think I hold out much hope now.

Caroline XX

Jerica said...

wow girl! Don't you HATE waking up when that happens hehehe

ms.shandy said...

@caroline Mostly I'm the same way. Up until recently the majority of my dreams have been plotless things where I am running from a snake and then proceed to run into more and more snakes as I attempt to escape the first one. There is a variation on that with mice too. And the occasional random dream about my family or my parrot. Romance, or even memorable plots are pretty new to my dreams. LOL!

@jerica It was one of those dreams just realistic enough that I was disappointed when I woke up and it wasn't true. I guess the giant marble tub should have been a dead giveaway if nothing else. :P

Anonymous said...

Well, you can call that a dream if you like dear, but I think it was a prophecy. :)Suzi

ms.shandy said...

LOL! Thanks Suzi! I hope you and your wife are having a great Christmas! *HUG*


Leslie Ann said...

Do you know what Karl Jung would say about a dream where you were running away from a snake? Well, I can't say it here.

ms.shandy said...

Oh no! I hate suspense! Seriously though, the old snake dream...

Some people are really into dream analysis. When the subject of dreams comes up, thats usually the one I mention, as it is pretty much the one recurring dream I have had almost my entire life. Therefore, I've received several suggestions on what it could mean. I've been told the snake can represent anything from wisdom, to some unknown threat, to a symbol attached to sex and sexuality.

The dream as a whole, I've been told could represent me running from some unknown fear, running from a truth I can not accept, or even that I'm just terrified of snakes. For me any of that makes sense in some way.

I am terrified of snakes, and mostly I interpret it that simply. There have been two times in my life that snakes have terrified me so badly that I've completely lost my presence of mind. At about 12, I was hiking with relatives, and stepped within a foot of a coiled black snake. I was terrified and began to run aimlessly, no longer on a trail. When I got to the stream, which was probably 10 feet across, I took a mad leap without any concern that I could not clear it. I made it almost exactly to the center, then landed in wet rock in the center of the stream, slipped, and crushed the sunglasses I had forgotten were in my hand. I finally came to my senses, sitting there in the shallow water, but I didn't even know which way I had ran, and was afraid to leave the stream because of snakes. My relatives started to call out for me and eventually found me by voice. I know thats all pretty pathetic, but remember I was just a kid! LOL!

I have been unfamiliar with Jung's interpretation of snakes in dreams until today. After your comment I asked Uncle Google, and found this...

"Sex and the life instincts in general are, of course, represented somewhere in Jung's system. They are a part of an archetype called the shadow. It derives from our prehuman, animal past, when our concerns were limited to survival and reproduction, and when we weren't self-conscious.

It is the "dark side" of the ego, and the evil that we are capable of is often stored there. Actually, the shadow is amoral -- neither good nor bad, just like animals. An animal is capable of tender care for its young and vicious killing for food, but it doesn't choose to do either. It just does what it does. It is "innocent." But from our human perspective, the animal world looks rather brutal, inhuman, so the shadow becomes something of a garbage can for the parts of ourselves that we can't quite admit to.

Symbols of the shadow include the snake (as in the garden of Eden), the dragon, monsters, and demons. It often guards the entrance to a cave or a pool of water, which is the collective unconscious. Next time you dream about wrestling with the devil, it may only be yourself you are wrestling with!"

That interpretation fits with me. Most of my life I have been running from a lot of my instinctive and natural self, to try to exist as a male. Also it is an interesting coincidence that such dreams haunted me into my late 20s. The cessation coincides roughly with my starting to express my gender, and the period in my life when I was coming out to my family, seeking counseling, and scaring my male co-workers. LOL!

However, can Jung explain the variation I had one time as a child? I surprised a snake on my grandmother's carport, and began to run all over my family's property. But everywhere, I was one step away from a fatal bite, as snakes were hidden everywhere. Eventually, I ran back to my starting point, the carport. Of all things, Mr. T. was there. He picked up the original snake and threw it into the woods, then suddenly everything was ok. He said something involving the line "Pity the fool", and the dream came to a close.

I think it means I hate snakes, and that me and my brother watched way too much A-Team. LOL!

Antionette Tate said...

you are a great writer, you leave me wanting to know more...put your dream in a book and I will buy it! Peace and Blessings!

ms.shandy said...

Thanks so much Antionette!

Peace and Blessings to you as well, and happy holidays! =)