Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Suspenseful Days

For ages, I have waited for the day, when I am officially viewed as transitioning. I dreamed of a time when instead of sending away for medication from shady international pharmacies, I could walk into a real life brick and mortar pharmacy with my head held high. This week, I finally began to live that dream. But it was not the brief moment I expected it to be. Instead, it has dragged out into days of waiting and driving.

I am not complaining though! I got all dressed up for my first visit, and the CVS staff was very friendly and nice to me. Today I found out that my estrodial veralate is finally arriving tomorrow. The the only prescription left unfilled is my spirolactone prescription, because the doctor failed to include it when sending the progesterone and eestrodial prescriptions. Still the pharmacy has ordered everything, and when I receive my spiro prescription early next week I can go by and pick up everything I need to start my newly prescriped hormone replacement and feminization regimen!

The progesterone, I picked up yesterday. While I was in London, I again decided to get out in town en femme. The Wal-Mart greeter greeted me as ma'am without the slightest hesitation. I ate at a crowded Ruby Tuesday's and none of the patrons stared or laughed. The whole evening went very smoothly. I got to feel like just a normal girl about town. It was such a pleasant change of pace for me, as my home town feels more and more stifling.

Still, even in my home town things are going better. The kids are out of school, so no one is teasing me in the halls as I do my work. Most of my co-workeres ahve adopted to my current state and treat me well. The superintendent himself trusted me with the task of connecting his blackberry to our exchange server today!

Things are going smoothly. =)


Leslie Ann said...

Super, babe! London is the big city, hmm? Very chic and cosmopolitan!

Have you learned to do injections yet?

chrissie said...

"While I was in London"

You're doing it to me again, ms shandy!!!!


thesweetestnote said...

I think I would try going out enFemme more if not for the certainty of getting a beat down.

Congrats! on Everything

Suzi said...

Shandy, the excitement is In MY mind, I can't imagine you ever having a problem passing in public. You're very pretty!! Soon you won't even think twice about whether you are passing or not because your confidence level will be complete. I'm looking forward to more blogs on your progress...and more pictures too. :)Suzi

ms.shandy said...

Chrissie! Yes, there I go again! Hehe! This was not the grand old London you know. This is a sort of mid-size little south eastern Kentucky town. Its almost certainly named after the more renowned UK version. Sometime, I'll write up the entire trip to my endo. I go through Manchester, then London, then arrive at the UK clinic in Lexington. Seriously. LOL!

thesweetestnot, It can be very frightening. When I first started getting out in public, I was always waiting for some teenage thugs in a mall somewhere to take offense and beat me down. My confidence level has soared since those days though. I just hope I have not become to complacent. I do hope you manage to find

Leslie, London is feeling more cosmopolitan to me all the time. I used to find it threatening, but I've found in my last two outings that people are pretty accepting. I still haven't learned to do the injections. I did call and confirm the arrival of my medications today though! When I get my spiro prescription in the mail, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday, I can finally switch completely to my new regimen. I think Terra can teach me to do the injections, to save me a trip to Lexington. I would ask at the pharmacy, but that seems awkward!

And Suzi, thanks so much for your kind words. My confidence is still getting better all the time. And the excitement is beyond description. The road is still rocky with my family. But I feel so good about where I am. =)