Friday, June 19, 2009

Maximum Randomosity

Hi! Just random things going on today. My spironolactone prescription arrived in the mail! So tomorrow, I get to pick up everything and switch to estrogen injections instead of my very unreliable sublingual delivery method. Maybe transition will get faster! :P

In other new, I had the most awesome Halloween costume idea in the world today. I'm not telling what it is yet, but if things come out okay expect photos in a few months. For now I will say it involves some fairly complex sewing, some neat fabrics, and will be pretty wild. I'll probably order my materials soon. Exciting!

Also, after two more weeks, I'm going on a family vacation to the Yellowstone National Park area. Hours in a crowded truck, and a temporary living arrangement that's really going to cut into my privacy. But quality time with Mom, Dad, one of my nicer uncles, and perhaps other relatives. Should be nice!

And I finally found a combination of appliances, shampoos, oil and heat protectants that get me the glossy smooth hair I have always wanted. Always been frustrated that my stylist can make it happen, but once I get home it explodes into frizz! But now I finally figured it out. But on the downside, it seems I still may be loosing hair despite spiro, fincar, and estrofem. I'm not sure but maybe. Last year it would have depressed me to no end. But I'm learning to feel thankful for the blessings I do have and take things as they come.

Missing my support groups and friends all desperately. I'm happy, but a little lonely. Spending some time around the house to ease Mom and Dad into things definitely has its drawbacks. But I'm spending less money and catching my breath from the fast paced changes in my life. And I do enjoy time around my family.

I'll try to post something deeper and more meaningful soon!


Leslie Ann said...

Who is this Randy Moss you're maxing on?

I'm missing people too, Shan. And my chat ops will be cut in half when you go to Yellowstone! If you find yourself up late one night, you know I'll be out here.

ms.shandy said...

I think I have wifi at the campground so I'll still be online. But I have to be up early enough for the sunrise for photagraphy sake. I'll probably be up late some though! :)