Saturday, June 13, 2009

And Finally the Results Are in

After a week of checking the mail anxiously after my therapy appointment, I got news today from UK!

My blood test results are in, and it all look very good. I was especially surprised to find that bad cholesterol is extremely low. Between my awful diet and my use of hormones, I have been worried about this all along.

But even better news, they mailed my prescriptions along with the results! Sort of. Somehow the nurses have left out my spirolactone prescription. But I have quite a bit left, so that will be fine. The new estrogen prescription is for injected estrodial varalate. Its a deep intramuscular injection though. Its going to feel weird, needing to buy needles and syringes, and I've never used such a thing. My doctor had advised that she would have the prescriptions left at the office for me to pick up anytime, and that I should get the nurses to walk me through the first injection. But through some miscommunication they got mailed.

Now I have to decide if I want to save a trip to UK and do injections based on online research of the procedure. Or, find a day I can leave a little early to go learn from a nurse. There is definitely no one living around me I would ask.

I think I'll have the prescription filled this evening. =)


chrissie said...

Take it that UK is not United Kingdom?



confused chrissie

Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much about the shot thingy. It's very easy and really doesn't hurt...not nearly as much as plucking eyebrow or nose

As a young boy, I had alergy tests done and they game me 9 shots to be taken one a week. My mother was to do the injections at home. On the first shot, she squeezed up a large section of muscle on my deltoid and jabbed the needle in. Only problem was...I made the mistake of saying "ouch". When I said that, she instinctively pulled the needle I said, "what did you pull it out for? you have to stick it back in!" After that I learned to keep my mouth shut during the injections.

I'm so glad you're getting started in a serious way now. I can almost feel the excitement growing in you as you await the coming changes. Every day is a new day! I know...duhhhh! :)Suzi

ms.shandy said...

I'm so excited about everything Suzi. It does feel like things are finally coming together fast! =)

And I'm so sorry about the vague UK comment Chrissie! LOL! Yeh, here in my little corner of the world it is how we refer to our beloved University of Kentucky. I guess with the broad scope of online blogging, I should consider that to most of the world, its assumed to mean the island rather than the US school. Sorry! =)