Monday, August 23, 2010


Its been a crazy time since my last post.  I've continued to push my work presentation in the last couple of weeks, and still things seem to be going okay.  My last few classroom visits have barely caused a stir at all and most of the teachers seem fine with me.

I'm still getting encouragement and compliments occasionally on my hair, makeup and clothes.  A co-worker actually gave me an Avon catalog last Thursday.

Today was moving day and I spent most of my time moving all my stuff from my old office to my boss's former office, as he is moving on to another building.  For the move I wore a men's button up partially buttoned over a women's tank.  But the air conditioning is out still so my office is still 85 degrees, and the furniture was really too heavy for me to move alone.  As a result I ended up feeling very warm and the men's shirt ended up spending most of its time wadded up on my desk.  No one really seemed all that freaked out! :P

I'm still not officially out, but I have researched the Kentucky process for the name change and I'll probably  take action soon!


Anonymous said...

So great to read a positive post! And I am very happy for you for the progress you are experiencing. I hope that your path continues to unfold for you in wonderful ways, and I cannot wait to read that you are finally out and proud. :)

To be honest, I don't know how anyone could mistake you for male, given your most recent photos. Looking good, girl!

Much love, and keep in touch!


Amy K. said...

I completely agree with Kate. You are SO beautiful and feminine looking, Shandy. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work. :)

Melissa said...

Good for you girl!

You really look terrific! Especially in that top pic! Wow! How anyone could look at you and think anything but female, is beyond me.

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

Wow you are looking really great in both pictures. There cant be any chance that people see you as anything but a woman.

I just executed my name change yesterday by deed poll here in the UK.
It was so simple. I only filled the forms in on line on Friday night. Not sure how the process works over there though.

Leslie Ann said...

You are starting to look so much like one of my cousins. She is all mountain stock, as well. You continue to impress, Shan!

Tina said...

I see no need to reiterate the point that you look fabulous! It's been said, and you do for sure. :) What fascinates me is how you got to this point. For those who know you personally or followed your blog, we know, you've played this by your own rules and struggled at times full of tears and very real fear. The road wasn't easy, it never is. You've worked so hard to get were you are and look at you now! I'm so very happy for you. You have my admiration and respect Sister. :)

Hugs, Tina

Caroline said...

A gorgeous girl who even co-ordinates her outfit to match her office, how could they not know?

Caroline xxx

Halle said...

Dear Shandy, abandon all worries of being mistaken for a man... the idea is just way too funny.

Time to just move on sweetie!


Two Auntees said...

That is not a body of any male that I know! You look Fabulous Darlin'. I would almost kill for hair like yours; I know those who have don't want, and those who don't have want that hair.

More power to you, Girl, and think happy thoughts with your family.


Rebecca said...

Ditto to all of the above comments. You look amazing! Now go get that name change done!

Jerica Truax said...

I cant wait till you make this official girl! You look completely amazing! =)