Monday, October 12, 2009

More Awkwardness!

Back on Sunday, during my weekend visiting friends in Lexington, I stopped by Chipotle for dinner. At the time, I was en femme.

Last Saturday, only six days later, I returned to Lexington with my parents, and everyone settled on Chipotle for a late lunch. This time I was in boy mode. At this point I wear my hair the same in girl or guy mode, sound pretty much the same, and the only real difference is the clothes, and that without makeup there is still a bit of beard left. The line between the guy look and the girl look have blurred enough that someone who meets me in one mode of dress can generally identify me in the other. I was a little worried about being recognized.

Well, as I stepped inside the chances of being remembered went up dramatically. I recognized both girls at the counter from the previous visit. I managed to maintain my calm. My parents had already went to the table so even if I was recognized, they would never find out.

As I stepped to the counter, the girl looked up, and as soon as we made eye contact I saw a spark of recognition. The order went off without a hitch, and she was unusually sweet for someone in a customer service position. Still, she obviously knew.

Just one of those funny things!


Anonymous said...

NOBODY would ever make that same connection between me and drab I shop the same stores in both modes all the time and have never gotten the slightest hint of anyone making a I don't know if that's good or bad sometimes...good I guess. :)Suzi

Melissa said...

Many girls are just very sympathetic, when the discovery s made. They aren't as threatened by people who are transgendered, as many guys are. Guys often foolishly view our trans status, as a betrayal. Obviously, her discovery of your trans status, has endeared you to her. That's very sweet! Think of it as validation.

Melissa XX

Amy K. said...

It seems like a positive experience to me. Melissa is right, many females are accepting of tg women. Chalk it up as a "win." ;)

chrissie said...

That's cool...

Yes, generally women are better at accepting this than men.

With the few women here who are "aware" (some of E's good friends) I am now "one of the girls", even though I still present as male.


Robin said...


I love you, Shannon.

Antionette Tate said...

Hi. I saw your pics, you are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

you look so good