Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a Crazy Cool Weekend!

What a wild weekend. I knew Monday I would have to go to the doctor's so I was just going to lay low this weekend instead of giving my parents more worries. But Tina mentioned a consignment shopping spree and the chance to meet her very cool friend, Lisa. I was still on the fence when Tina also mentioned the idea to Sylvia, who immediately decided to go. At that point my resistance was flattering, and my mind was completely made up when Leslie also confirmed she could go. I had mentioned the trip as a possibility at the beginning of the week, and she confirmed she could make it. Leslie, Tina, and Sylvia, some of my very best transgender friends, all in one place, other than a meeting! And a chance to meet Lisa! And, shopping on the cheap! Irresistible.

Leaving was stressful. I let Mom and Dad know I was shopping in Lexington for the day, but left in boy mode. I took care of my wardrobe change and all the necessary makeup on the road. Its always a little hectic, as it extends travel time tremendously, and you never know how well the makeup came out until you get out and check a full size mirror somewhere. Adding to my unease, I had decided to wear a mini skirt, strappy top, and 4 inch heels. I was going to be far from inconspicuous. But I had not been shopping, or got to wear anything fun for a while, so I really wanted a chance to do something a little flashy.

We all decided to car pool, so we met at the building where our support group meetings convene. Leslie was not yet with us. So at the time it was me, Sylvia, Tina, and Lisa. After hugs all around, and introductions where they were required, we decided to grab lunch at Logan's. The conversation was light and humorous. Everyone had a good time. The staff was courteous and most patrons barely gave us a second glance.

After lunch we went to this spectacular consignment place Tina recommended. And wow, I can't begin to tell how wonderful this place was. At first, I had a hard time deciding what I needed, but eventually I was loaded down with cool clothes to take to the changing room. A pretty black and blue floral, a lilac halter, a denim skirt, a lacy top and a green little strappy top. While I was in the fitting room, one of the store attendants slipped yet another floral dress in for me to try on. This turned out to be one of my favorite items in the store.

I ended up liking everything and decided to take it all home, because the prices were spectacular. Tina and Sylvia had great luck too and we all left very happy with our purchases. Leslie met us there, and it was so nice to see her again. She had to shop in boy mode and she was obviously not at ease. I still wish she could have found something to take home, but I know how awkward it can be, shopping as a boy. I considered staying by her and letting it look like she was shopping for me, instead of for herself. But I decided that probably wouldn't be comfortable for her either. She lives in Lexington, and if someone she knew came in, its hard to say which rumor would be worse. That someone just saw her buying girl's clothes at a consignment place, or that someone saw her buying clothes for an odd looking transgender girl at a consignment shop. Its one of those Scylla and Charybdis kinda moments. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. So I gave her room to shop in peace. :P

Afterward we went to Payless to look at shoes. I did my best not to notice anything, because I was already over budget for the day. And I did manage to leave without spending more. Sylvia found a very cool bag, and Tina got some cute little sandals that suit her to a tee.

After this stop Leslie returned home to her family. I'm still thrilled that her wife decided to approve the trip. The rest of us stopped into Quizno's for a drink before hitting TJ Maxx. I tried not to buy anything, but found a sun hat almost exactly liKe I have been wanting for ages. Also got some pink shades and a few undies.

When we finished there, it was too late in the day for more shopping so we all went to Common Grounds. It is a Lexington coffee shop with lots of atmosphere. It is a 2 story building that is furnished more like a run down house inside than anything else. The work of local artists adorns the walls, and local bands play some nights. The whole place has a rough charm, a warm, worn in feeling too it. It made a very relaxing place to end the day with a fun conversation over coffee.

In the end, I drove everyone back to their cars, we took some group photos on the parking lot and we all said our good byes amidst another pleasant conversation. All in all, it was an amazing day with time among cherished friends, and an opportunity to express myself, loosen up and just be me. I so cherish all my friends. They have just changed my life. A little understanding and nurturing can mean a lot coming from an isolated past like mine.

Mom and Dad never questioned me about my day, and we remain on good terms. My doctor's visit Monday went off without a hitch as well. Mom and Dad never challenged that decision either. It is nice to no that at least some times I can do what I need to do without my family situation becoming unbearable as a result.

Friday, I get more laser. I feel I am making excellent progress in transition. I am becoming more comfortable with my body as the gradual changes continue. Less unwanted hair to deal with, softer skin, and my measurements drift slowly more feminine, almost imperceptibly from week to week. With the changes, comes a new sense of self worth, and a new confidence. In the past I've been very introverted, somber, and wanted most of all to be left alone. Now I find myself happiest among my friends, and loving to socialize now that I can just be myself. I'm happier with myself than I have ever been.

I'm attaching a couple of photos as well. The top one is a group photo from the shopping trip. The bottom one is me in one of the outfits I bought on the trip. I took it while I was in Lexington again Sunday for my physical. There was a little park beside the road and I decided it would be nice to get a few photos. And no, I did not wear that hat to the clinic! But you have to admit its okay for the park. :P


Lori D said...

My goodness! What fantastic pics of a gorgeous babe!

Suzi said...

DITTOS what Lori said!! You look hot dear! That must have been a day of great fun. :)Suzi

Yvonne said...

What fantastic pics. You're looking great! You most definitely are 'a girl on her way'.