Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Minor Update

Warning! Boring entry unless you are curious about the recovery process for laser and IPL hair removal.  Its just a cut and dry description of my recovery so far.

I had the procedure Wednesday, and was off form work until Monday, with the hope that I would look pretty normal by then.  When I left the doctor's office last Wednesday, I was looking very rough.  Inflamed skin under the entire bearded area.  All the hair was burned to a pitch black crisp, and seemed to have expanded. My beard shadow looked more course and dark than ever.  

By Monday, most of the redness was gone, but there was lots of dry skin. The hair was slowly being pushed out in the shedding process, as though it were still growing.  Yet it can barely be shaved because of the dense, tough texture caused by the heat.  I managed to shave, but it was definitely not a close shave. My face felt like sandpaper due to the thick, fried hair.  

Well, tonight makes 7 days.  And things are finally starting to look up. I pulled a couple of the hairs with tweezers, to find out how much length was still below the surface, and found out they are almost ready to fall out! 

Maybe tomorrow noticeable quantities will start to fall out. My skin is healing pretty well too.  Hopefully I'll be healed up on time for shopping with Tina Saturday! But if not, there's always next weekend. :P


Suzi said...

Ehhh...just trowel on some concealer and go have fun. :)Suzi

Tina Jenson said...

Good news!!! I've procured a 48 pack of tweezers from the Family Dollar store and have contracted the Keebler Elves (yeah, the crappy economy has them looking for work too) to help with the extraction of unwanted facial hair. They will be there Friday after the morning cookie bake. Oh, and you'll know it's them cause they drive this plum crazy purple VW van with multi-colored flowers painted on the side and smoke coming out of the windows. They seem really laid back and appathetic beings, but they get the munchies sometimes and you may want to have some snacks on hand.

You should be ready to go by Saturday morning.

Oh, and you're welcome. *smiles*

<3 Tina

ms.shandy said...


NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

It sure is painful!
I always found it would take about 10days for the hair to fall out. Things are slowly getting better after about 15months of monthly laser.
Hope you don't mind me dropping by!