Monday, April 06, 2009

Hitch A Ride To Oblivion

Hmm, I was just going through stuff and found one of my old poems.  At the time I wrote it, I was frustrated with a relationship and I  almost sent this to the person it was written about.  Instead I decided to hold my tongue, and so it has just sat in a cluttered corner of my  hard drive.  

It is a bit cliched, as many things I write are. It is probably also melodramatic and emotionally overwrought.  Plus it qualifies as poetry only by a very loose definition of the term.  Metering, rhyming patterns, and even line count from verse to verse is sporadic at best.  We'll call it free form poetry. Maybe that exists already, or perhaps I just invented it. :P

But there, now I have dispensed with my disclaimer, so on to the poem:


the light is gone form my eyes

theres no fight, no strength

one blink away from nothing left

hope stretched  thin and blown away

carried on the wind to oblivion

oppressive place, my dreams are lost

despair breathes down my neck

with every step i find strength to take

im not the donkey to pin your dreams on

my love is riding the winds to oblivion

nothing for the world to offer,

nothing left for me to give in return

im a husk on the wind to oblivion

im not your angel and i cant show you the way

if you ride with me there's only one road left  to take

if you cant let me go, then take my hand

hitch a ride on my wings to oblivion



 Don't worry about me. I've not felt that miserable in a long time.  I'm being myself. I'm free. I'm happy.  Reading over something from darker times does make me even more thankful for the contentment that has come into my life in this highly liberating period.  Just a little glimpse into my past.


Leslie Ann said...

Looks like a poem to me! And yes, you are not a donkey.

Chrissie said...

"Reading over something from darker times does make me even more thankful for the contentment that has come into my life in this highly liberating period. "

Yeah, I know that's true!


Anonymous said...

Phew....I'm glad you included that last paragraph about being free and happy. For a minute I thought I was going to have to pull out a can of "whup-ass" and set you I sure hope those darker times are gone forever. I must say, I certainly sense a growing optimism in your posts and how you come across now.

Now get out there and write us a poem of hope and optimism...and don't throw it in the corner of your hard drive. :)Suzi

ms.shandy said...

Extra note on this one, since Mandy is reading my blog now. Because if she gets back this far she will recognize parts of this poem. LOL!

I wrote an oblivion related poem, about more general depression back when she and I knew each other. But it never felt complete.

Then at a later point, I was in a very brief relationship with an obsessive, over-dramatic young man, who was driving me a bit crazy. That relationship inspired this more complete version.

Ironically, the first version was about depression and being ruled by obsession, while this version is about the frustration of being the object of someone else's obsession. Go figure. :P