Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Insomniac Remedy

A series of eleven cinquain, written to follow "Insomniac Quandary" a few blogs back. A silly little sequence of poems, but it does help me find some level of closure at least.

*~*~*~*~Insomniac Remedy~*~*~*~*

One night
I found myself
in a cozy bookstore,
looking for particularly

When I
came across a
most curious old tome,
it captured my notice and drew
my eye.

Bound in
worn leather,
scented lightly of musk,
it was not the manner of thing
I read.

Still I
took it in hand
intending a quick glance.
Surely, quick perusal could bring
no harm?

The book
was not at all
as I had expected.
It spoke of romance and hinted
of love.

I could
not put it down.
I slid down to the floor,
quickly turning the pages,

Then an
abrupt ending,
with a deceitful twist.
The pages beyond were blank
and clean.

I shed
tears of sorrow
upon page thirty six,
but page thirty seven I did
not touch.

Those blank
pages are not mine,
they await another.
Its best not to envy that reader.
I'm fine.

The book
was then returned
to shelf. With shaking hand,
I paid a fraction of its price.
Six pence.

For I
found upon page
thirty six, the intent
of a certain cold and callous prince.


Melissa said...


Melissa XX

Mandy said...

Wow, I love it...and I'm so proud of you! Always! Mxoxo

ms.shandy said...

@Melissa: Thanks so much! Its nothing fancy. Just sometimes, very rarely I'll be thinking about something and it begins to seem like an idea for a poem.

@Mandy: LOL! Mandy and Shandy. Kinda funny! Really honored to have you visit my blog, and that you like the poem. You always inspired much happier ones, but in those days I wanted to rhyme everything. :P

Mandy said...

You've always been a great writer, I've been telling you that for years! Mandy and Shandy, I like it :) and I love those poems so don't you go and put them down ok? Goodnight beautiful, it's late on my side of the world. Keep writing and growing and don't ever let anyone hold you back :) Love always Mxoxo

ms.shandy said...

Night gorgeous. Sweet dreams. =)

Anonymous said...

Ok...Mandy and Shandy...get a :)Suzi

ms.shandy said...

Suzi, thats so rude! Mandy and I are both straight!

I do love her absolutely to death though. =)

Mandy said...

A room sounds good, we could do our hair and nails while watching chick flicks and sipping good bubbly (not American stuff though *shudder* - South African wine!)

ms.shandy said...

Yes! I thought I was going to become this major wine connoisseur when I was down in South Africa with you. But getting back to America and wasting money trying to find a decent bottle of wine pretty much cured my interest.

I miss .South African wine.

You know how quickly I get drunk though. We might end up with some strange looking nails and hair. :P

Robin said...

@ Shan's last comment to Mandy...

This much is true, but I don't think it could even touch the monstrosity that was Brinna's make-up job on Terra that night at the EconoLodge. LOLOLOLOL.

ms.shandy said...

I wish I had been able to see that before you fixed it. I was off to Trans-Kentucky and away from the hotel during the whole lip liner fiasco.

But yes, Brinna was clearly in no condition to be doing anyone's makeup that day. Its really to bad. I think I could have learned a lot from her if we had met a few beers earlier. LOL!

Lavida Loca said...

Hi dear, You're very pretty Ms,Shandy. I admire anyone who can put herself out like that, it's time for the world to learn to accept us, beautiful if a little unconventional ;)

Will be a follower of your blog :)

Do drop by for a hello if you have the time.